Brought to you by REACH, and co-organised by mm2 Entertainment and AsiaOne Online, in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 (or Green Plan), the 2021 Sus Ads Video Challenge is a short video competition which hopes to encourage young Singaporeans to play their part in tackling environmental issues and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Did you know?

As part of Singapore’s efforts to build a sustainable future under the Green Plan, Singapore targets to:

  • Plant 1 million more trees
  • Use 15% less energy in HDB towns by 2030
  • Reduce waste sent to our landfill per capita per day by 30% by 2030, and more.

Singapore is taking firm actions to build a sustainable future. What can you do to play a part in making the Green Plan a reality?

Introducing #SusAds

Create an original short story, commercial or a documentary and tell us in 60 seconds or less about what you can do for sustainability, focusing on the key themes of “Sustainable Living”, “Energy Reset” and “Resilient Future”.

Know of creative ways to upcycle your old clothing? Or have an interesting story about the importance of saving water? All you need is a device that can record videos, and your limitless imagination!

Remember, keep it short, simple, and shareable.